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Peruvian Connection NYC, working for Annie


I work for Annie Hurlbut. She’s my boss. Actually, I work for Peruvian Connection in the new Peruvian Connection NYC store, but really, it’s the same thing. I’m sure many of you know Annie and Peruvian Connection—like me and so many women our age who discover the store, having shopped PC for years, and swoosh in with an


“Oh! I’m so glad you’re here, I’ve shopped your catalog for years!”



I often show up for my shift swooshing in and repeating the same line to my younger colleagues, just for the fun of it. (They used to be amused.)

 So what’s it like working for a company that’s celebrating its 40th anniversary this year?



#unfollow for accessories

If you can’t afford Cartier, Gucci, or Celine, where do you go for accessories?


Where to get those fantastic things that are going to make even your jeans and sweatshirt look haute? Yesterday’s post was all about accessorizing, but I realize some of us might not know exactly where to buy nice scarves, jewelry, belts, etc — especially not the run of the mill. I have some ideas. 


naja, underwear for hope

“Naja is a product of our passions and beliefs: a love for beautifully designed things, a bit of rebelliousness, and a deep desire to make the world a better place.”


My Naja underwear came Wednesday, and it just happened to be National Underwear Day, honestly! Who knew, National Underwear Day? I didn’t. 


don’t decorate yourself

There’s a difference between details and decorations. Details are an integral part of an overall design, but decorations, or embellishment just for the sake of embellishment, detract from design. We decorate a Christmas tree, that’s nice, but don’t decorate yourself.

I started writing about this idea in my Rule #1. Don’t try so hard post. All of you, or any part of you, or what you’re wearing, can be embellished, but unless you’re as talented and audacious as Iris Apfel, you will end up looking like that tarted up Christmas tree.