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“Ah, but I was so much older then 
I’m younger than that now.”

Tough week for everyone this week? I was reminded of the Dylan song, My Back Pages.” Ah… I feel younger these days, young and in shock, and it’s not because I don’t get the technology, or the music, or the styles.

I believe in evolution not devolution, and because I do, I have to have faith, and yet my faith in all sorts of things is rapidly dwindling. 

Maybe my feelings are due to some kind of wisdom that comes with age? Cynicism, even pessimism, seem to affect quite a few of us with the passing of time.

Recently, psychologists seem to be countering the whole “positivism” trend with the idea that pessismists are actually just people who see things the way they are, realists, and hence simply more intelligent than optimists.

I’ll cling to that thought for now. I’ve always been the glass is half empty type. Today anyway, you will not convince me otherwise.

No More Anti-aging!

How many of you were ecstatic when you saw that picture of Helen Mirren, the Dame, in so many ways? How many of you thought, “I want to be like Helen Mirren when I growup?” Well, we’re all grown up, time to be like Helen. 

Thank you Allure magazine. To hell with anti-aging.



wednesday ted talks

Ted Talks

If you click on this link, you can see Ashton Applewhite, author of This Chair Rocks, giving a Ted Talk at the Library of Congress. If you don’t, you’re misssing out on something really good. 



I don’t know if I would ever feel comfortable wearing tartan, but when I look at these Rei Kawakubo pieces, I think I might want to try. They are simply elegant.

Great designers seem to go through “tartan periods.” 


Alexander McQueen did. 



tuesday, yoga jones

Women Working


Cental Park, by Conservatory Pond. Conservatory Pond is the pond you can sail little motorized sails boats on. It’s a really peaceful place to go sit if you want to be in the park but still around people, especially children. We go there most Sundays just to drink coffee, sit and be lazy.

This women working was just learning how to make these giant bubbles. She had taken some lessons and the spot from the young man who was usually there. And although she didn’t quite have the techique down, she was very happy learning.

The young man, her mentor, is a master bubble maker. He strings out long lines of them, and they go bouncing and gliding across the pond like so many sprites.    



manic monday, get real


Get Real

Who likes Lauren Hutton? I do, I liked her the first time I saw her. Perhaps I liked her because I was, and am, so unlike her. Thirty plus years ago she seemed like the quintessential American Beauty to me, and although my taste has changed, she still is the American Beauty she was. 

She was the first “super model” I became aware of. That gap in her teeth, and the way she proudly possessed it, was before its time. Whether she was wearing J. Crew or Dior, she looked supremely her own woman. And looking at her today, it’s quite obvious that she has had no work done.

That’s why I was livid when I saw this quote, from about a year ago, in the Daily Mail. I don’t know how I missed it when it came out? 

“She’s back! Lauren Hutton, 72, looks youthful on Milan runway with Gigi Hadid 36 years after hit Richard Gere movie American Gigolo.” 

You know what I say to that, don’t you? She doesn’t look youthful, she looks her age! She looks like a beautiful woman, precisely her age. #getreal


 Valentino, Fall 2017


Yannis Vlamos

Trending, this color, as well as every other variation of red, pink, and orange. I think it’s going to remain this way through Fall and Winter, and by God, I’m starting to love it!