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universal beauty, learn the rules

I’ve been writing about different iconic and national styles and style icons: places and women that appear in glossy magazines; glossy-glossy people and venues. While I admit that it can all become too much, what I like about the glossy-glossy are ideas, inspirations, and what I’ve learned. 

Thus far, there are four things I’ve learned and firmly believe in when it comes to beauty and fashion. I generally don’t like lists of anything except the groceries I have to buy, or the errands I have to run. We all know why lists exist, but how much do we ever really learn from them?



Boom by Cindy Joseph: pro-age cosmetics



It’s about women.
It’s about beauty.
It’s about time.

That’s what the little pamphlet says, the one that comes with products from this self-proclaimed “pro-age” cosmetics company whose products were developed by older-model pioneer, Cindy Joseph. I like that slogan, and I like “pro-age”. 

I recently contacted Boom! asking if they sold sample sizes of their “Boomsticks”. I was curious and thought I might be able to write a blog post about their products. They wrote right back, telling me they were going to send me the Boomsticks and that they would be happy for me to write a review for my blog. They wound up sending me five different products…