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cultural appropriation, yes or no?


Perennial concerns about cultural appropriation seem to be heightened in today’s political climate. I often think we might be focused on the semantics too much and too little on the intentions or the artistic expression. If one takes some aspect of a culture that is not one’s own, simply to exploit by appropriating, that’s shameful. But…

Intelligent people have always appropriated.

It’s one aspect of what being “cultured” means. You’ve read a thing or two, you’ve traveled a bit, you’ve experienced some aspects of other people’s cultures and you want to keep re-experiencing them. Still, I cringe these days when I see yet another woman dressed in, say, “Frida Kahlo” fashion

Really, another flower crown, penciled on eyebrows, and Mexican “peasant” shirt?



what now fashion blogger? tattered thoughts


My thoughts are in tatters, like an old scarf lying in a basket of thrift shop rejects.


“What now fashion blogger?” Am I really going to write about fashion and style when some people are afraid they’re going to be deported? Am I going to talk about the latest boot trends while others are wearing theirs out, marching to express the concerns I share with them?

I’m sure I’m not the only one asking myself questions like these and that’s a good thing. If we don’t ask some questions of ourselves now, then when? Here are the answers I’ve come up with for myself. Here’s where I’m at.


kindred spirit, the accidental icon

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to meet kindred spirits. It’s rare, but it’s oh-so-sweet when it happens. It seems you can’t search for kindred spirits, in fact you must not search for them! But they’re out there; and they just come along in their own time. In the past couple of months I’ve met two women, entirely different from each other, who are nonetheless my kindred spirits. Why? Because they’re doing things their own way.

The first of the two is the Accidental Icon. Let’s call her Lyn, because that’s her name. Please check out her really great—almost revolutionary—blog here. Why revolutionary? Well for one, the first thing that strikes the eye is that the blog is in black and white. Black and white! Just this alone puts the Accidental Icon in a class by herself. By making the decision to forego color, she may have broken a cardinal rule of blogging. Popular opinion, at least, appears to be that a blog must have color and lots of it. So much for that! 


a bill of goods

IMG_5802We’ve been sold a bill of goods, but they’re the same goods they were selling back in the fifties, when the men returned from war and the women were practically escorted back home from the jobs they had “taken” from the men.

These days we hear of women “choosing” to stay at home, choosing to retire early, choosing to start their own business, but I’m not sure they are actually choosing. I think we’re simply worn out by pounding on glass ceilings, not being given the support we need to raise families, and being told that it will be “fun” to retire early (code for: just go take care of the house and grandkids).