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Joining the Resistance, a book


The other day, I was passing by a bookshelf in my apartment, when I saw an old book I had read about six years ago. The book was Joining the Resistance, by feminist author, and psychologist, Carol Gilligan. The timeliness of the title as well as its subject matter is uncanny. 

If you want to read about girls growing into women, tyranny, Anne Frank, Freud, Virginia Wolf, and the capacity to care, read this book. It may seem rather heady but it’s actually pretty straight forward. It’s a read for our times. Here, an excerpt.

“It is my question for myself and other women—the question Virginia Wolf raises in Three Guineas, her essay on men and women and war. Writing on the eve of World War II, she links the hands of fascism and patriarchy, observing “that the public and the private worlds are inseparably connected; that the tyrannies and servilities of the one are the tyrannies and servilities of the other.”