bad career moves


Sarah Jessica Parker, SJP, as she is commonly know, she got slammed. She got slammed because she showed up at the Metgala “looking old.” She got slammed, trolled, belittled, and degraded.

Apparently, she made some “bad career moves.”

It was as if she had no right to be seen on the red carpet! It was like “what are you doing here amongst the young and beautiful, you 53-year-old has been?” And it really pissed me off, so in the future, I’m going to do more to voice my anger.

It’s occurred to me lately that we downplay the form of discrimination that is ageism.

And in this reactionary age, any and all forms of discrimination have to be called out in a consistent manner. What are you doing lately, to voice your concerns, that you may not have in the past? 

“Aging is a bad career move.”

Andrew Hanssen, Professor of Economics, Clemson University

David Bowie is

David and me at the Brooklyn Museum.

5 Things to do This Summer

Something you’ve never done before

Something that scares you

Uncover some part of your body you thought you never would

Pursue some art in any way you can

Read lots of books on different topics

What’s on your Summer To Do list?




  • Leslie says:

    1. Yeah, some would say that getting older is a bad career move — but nothing is stopping her from designing, directing, producing. Or maybe it is time for her to reinvent herself in a different way as we are have/or are having to do now.
    2. I pretty much have spent the last six months doing everything I am — afraid of — have never done before. It is terrifying and has been terrifying but makes some really good prose.

  • Haralee says:

    It made me laugh, aging a bad career move, as if!

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