calling them out

calling them out

I’m calling Everlane out! Those of you who have been reading me for a while, know I’ve had an ambivalent relationship with Everlane for as many years as they have existed. Funny, that I use the word “relationship,” but by now, that’s what it feels like.

In short, I support what they say their mission is, but I question the sincerity and intentions behind the statements they make.

I want to believe this is a different kind of company, but I’m not sure it is.

Perhaps I’m guilty of a common mistake, we tend to think that those who share some of our values, share all of our values.

If you’re a “liberal,” that means you believe in A, B, and C, just like me. 

Well, I’m sorry if I’m making that mistake. 

I’m tired of diversity including everyone but those over a “certain” age.

When I walked into the first, very new, Everlane store today, I saw some things I expected and others I didn’t.

The store was doing a brisk business, the decor was modern and attractive, the garments on offer were great, and there wasn’t one sales associate over about 30? working there.

However, I would estimate that about half of the customers were women over 50! 

Of course it’s not just Everlane, most clothing stores don’t employ older sales people. It just seems antithetical to me, for a company that claims “radical transparency” as one of their core beliefs, to be so short-sighted when it comes to true diversity in fashion.

As far as making that difference I was talking about, Everlane states on its website:

“We believe we can all make a difference.”

One might ask though, “who’s that all you’re talking about? What do you mean by difference?

And can you expand the concept of difference to include real diversity?

In the interests of being fully transparent myself, I admit to having once applied for a position at Everlane. I wanted to make a difference in how the fashion business, from designers to retailers and everyone else along the supply chain, treated women over 50.  

I still do, but it’s tough going when even the purportedly “enlightened” players, still fall short.

All Birds

The gift of the day, these rather dull looking “runners” from All Birds. I have tried them on and they are heaven! And guess what?

“The secret to creating the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever set foot in? Harnessing the incredible properties of our planet’s natural materials, such as New Zealand superfine merino wool.”

Yes wool, they are made of wool! Some of the properties of these All Birds are irresistible. For example, they can be worn without socks, and they are machine washable. (I would say they are most comfortable worn without socks.)

They are also light, and they come in several, brighter colors, not dull at all.

And no, even though they’re wool, they don’t “itch.”

Once you see the price, you’ll thank me. So I’ll just say, you’re welcome!  


Girl to Woman: “Oh my God, I love all the different shades of silver they put in your hair. Where did you get it done?

Woman: “It’s called being 73 and not giving a shit.”

This is from the really funny, Overheard L.A. Instagram account:

And of course, there’s an Overheard New York: 




  • Laurie says:

    Love love love my AllBirds runners. I wore them through the Nashville summer with no problems, two weeks in England from one coast to the other, and most recently four days in Las Vegas! My beloved Converse are lingering in the closet.

    My relationship with Everlane has been spotty as well but more to do with the fit and occasional quality issues.

  • Moi says:

    I’m a lurker, but had to comment on your relationship with Everlane. Shame. I hate to sound all “kids these days,”, but the older I get the more I feel the gulf between myself and young people, at least when it comes to service.

    But here’s something heartening: My husband and I live part-time in Oklahoma City, which has at least three independent high-end women’s clothing stores. And in each one, the majority of the sales staff are over 40. So that’s where I do all my shopping.

  • Manu says:

    My sister lives around Birmingham, AL and I’ve notices the same thing there. Not all retail stores are filled with 20 somethings. That said and while I completely agree about the diversity aspect, perhaps the 40 somethings in NYC have a different attitude toward what the pay scale in these NYC retail shops is. I am unemployed millennial and don’t see myself doing the retail work based on pay vs. effort required.

  • xtine says:

    LOVE my Allbirds!

    As for Everlane, their ethos interests me. However, I’m plus-sized, so my money doesn’t interest them.

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