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Talk about irreverent, talk about ‘disrupting aging‘, talk about a grandmother! This is Kimiko Nishimoto, the author of this and these other pictures, brought to you by Bored Panda.

You’re welcome.

The Corset

Corsets, and all sorts of variations of the corset are here, again. And while I understand that might be a big turnoff for many of us, I like them, minus the pain of course. This corset variation is from Orseund Iris. It’s really just a little shelf for small breasts. 

The original corset, was made for “training” the body: a smaller waist, a larger bum, or better posture.

To see another, just as sexy corset variation, go here to Bag and a Beret.


I’m a big fan of the brand American Giant, and I’m proud to say, I knew them when they were new. They make high quality basics, at fantastic prices, in America. I swear by their sweatpants, they’re the best. If these pants are as good as the sweatpants, we’re all in luck.


“I see my body as an instrument, rather than an ornament.”

-Alanis Morissette





  • Melanie says:

    Great video! What an eye-opener and exercise in enlightenment. And Nishimoto’s photos gave me a laugh.
    I like the new corset trend. And you linked to me! Hahaha! Thanks. I love my black corset. I should get it and try that same outfit again.

  • “It’s really just a little shelf for small breasts” – this made me smile! I do love your observations, they’re wonderful. I love the look of the ‘Disrupting Aging’ website too, it’s been bookmarked for future reference. Much love, Esther xx

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