from the back

IMG_4915I’ve been taking pictures of women from the back lately. I started doing that for one main reason. I’m shy and I find it fairly difficult to ask women on the street if I can take their picture. That’s a very inconvenient thing for a style blogger. Another inconvenient thing is not being an especially skilled photographer. 

An additional impediment to a good picture I’ve found, is that when I do ask women if I can take their picture, they immediately want to pose; mostly the older women, the younger ones are more natural, able to just be there. The older women seem more self-conscious.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. If you combine shyness, not being a great photographer, and fake or funny looking poses, you do not get great pictures. So I “invented” the picture from the back.

I’ve made discoveries. First, I like the pictures and so do other people. Women, as we know, can be quite attractive from the back. The self-consciousness issue and posing can’t happen. I also see interesting things: the curve of the hips and calves, the posture and hairstyles, and unexpected little details of an outfit.

I’m not sure I’ve started a trend, probably not, but for someone who wants to see style, fashion, and what it means for women in interesting and new ways, it’s cool. New kind of selfie? Probably not going to happen, but I’m going to share some of the things I’ve found. In the meantime, take a look at some of my pictures from the back…






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