baby it’s cold


Baby It’s Cold

Apropo of nothing at all, I just liked this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker. I think she looks great with her Robin Hood like boots, her big, wooly coat, and her rimless glasses. But the best thing is: her two bags! Maybe you remember that I take pictures of 2 bag, 3 bag, 4 bag, and more, New Yorkers. 

Sarah here, is a great example of the two bag New Yorker.

Most women in New York are at least two baggers. Even though it can ruin a “look,” how are you going to fit your gym clothes, your kid’s lunches, and your script all just one bag? 

Women Working

I haven’t done a women working for a while, simply because it’s hard to get these pictures. This was taken in a local butcher shop, where I had already spoken to this meat cutter, Haley, before. I captured another female butcher once, in a competing butcher shop/restaurant in the neighborhood.

New York proves to actually be a small world sometimes, so I wonder if those two women know each other?

The other shop/restaurant was recently in the news because it’s chef was accused of sexual harassment. Having worked in the restaurant business, I’m not surprised about chef’s getting “busted” for sexual harassment.

Sorry chefs, but you tend to be an arrogant and bad-tempered lot.  

Mario Batali, whose serious transgressions I have heard about for years, recently “stepped away” from his businesses after allegations finally surfaced.

The only exception, among this revered cadre of male “kitchen dwellers,” seems to be my beloved Anthony Bourdain.

He has recently come out to support women like Rose McGowan and others who are at the forefront of the #metoo movement. I have a feeling that while Anthony can be, irreverent, dirty, and have a temper, he also has that certain something that makes him view people as equals worthy of respect.

You know, maybe it is because he’s irreverent and dirty?

In my experience, it’s the swaggering, mealy-mouthed, “good boys” who end up cornering you in the kitchen’s walk-in. Well, stay tuned.    

How would you wear these “sleeves” from Milot Tricot? Would you wear these sleeves? Even though I generally don’t like gimmicks, I like versatility and layering. These could be worn under or over things, or like this model and the Advanced Style star Colleen Heidemann does. Would you wear them?

Earring Of The Day

I wasn’t going to do an earring of the day today, but then these landed in my inbox. The earrings are from Puck Wunderlust, another nice little company I just found. Don’t you love the name, Puck Wunderlust!

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