Anna Wintour and bare arms

I wrote recently about my “profound sadness” at reading about women our age wanting to hide their arms. I exaggerate, but it’s something I am very much interested in, if not obsessed with. Then yesterday, perusing some of the channels of social media that I do, I discovered this picture of Anna Wintour.


 And hallelujah sister, Anna Wintour does not feel bad about her arms!

I’ve been watching Anna Wintour’s arms now for awhile (see, it really is an obsession). I noticed years ago that she favors sleeveless dresses. Besides her ubiquitous sunglasses and snooty attitude, both of which I appreciate, she is often seen sitting in the front row of fashion shows in exquisitely cut, sleeveless Armani, Missoni, or Chanel frocks.

One can understand why she might like sleeveless dresses, she has very nice, toned arms. Apparently she’s an avid tennis player and still today you can see that underlying fitness. We all know that Wintour can afford to wear anything she wants.

Obviously though, at the age of 67 she still wants to wear sleeveless dresses. 

I’ve seen advertisements for creams that are supposed to fix the crepey skin of the upper arm, but I’ve never heard of any sort of cosmetic surgery for upper arms. If there was, I’m pretty sure Anna Wintour would know all about it and perhaps she would have it done. I like to think though, that just maybe she’d say to hell with it.

In any case, I find this picture of Wintour empowering, and I don’t even like that word.

Whether or not you can afford Chanel, if you can dress with style and feel good about yourself, don’t feel bad about your arms, bare them.




  • Melanie says:

    Brachioplasty or arm lifts are out there. If there’s a part, there’s a procedure, we can count on it. Hahaha. It’s also called bat wing reduction. !? I cheer Ms Wintour and her arms.

    I did a presentation recently where I did a lot of pointing over a lit screen while wearing a sleeveless top. Suddenly I thought, oh, my arms! – and carried on. Pffft. I yam what I yam, as Popeye would say. Toot toot.

    • Anita Irlen says:

      Brachioplasty! of course. Nuts, isn’t it, our desire to be and stay young and beautiful. Unless they go way overboard, I really try not to judge women who have plastic surgery. There are so many different reasons one might feel they have to do it. I always think of Hollywood and the actors who become old there at like 30 but still want to keep working! I had a similar arm experience as you in a yoga class once. I was doing an inversion, and yikes, “is that my arm?” xxx

  • “Empowering” is an overused word that’s lost its punch but in this case… It’s on point. I love that Anna’s showing her arms. I have toned arms and lift weights but with no estrogen, my arms look like Anna’s… great for my age, but they show my age.

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