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The Body

I saw a nice little show at FIT, the Fashion Institute of Technology, the other day. It was called The Body, Fashion And Physique. It was a trip down the catwalk of changing attitudes about the female body and fashion. 

It reminded me how lucky I am to be living in New York, where so many people are working at the intersection of mind, body, and fashion. This is where I want to be.   

The show also highlighted the importance of looking back to be able to understand where you are at present. 

Vanity Fair

I’ve been reading the recently released, The Vanity Fair Diaries by Tina Brown. Brown was a very young, well-educated, British woman who came to New York City in the 1980’s.

She rapidly became part of the East Coast publishing elite that the rest of the country, including Donald Trump, love to hate. Here’s what she says about him, after having read his book, The Art of the Deal.

“Anyway, it feels, when you have finished it, as if you’ve been nose to nose for four hours with an entertaining con man and I suspect the American public will like nothing better.”

The book is a great read, if you care about art, writing, and the magazine business. It is also well-written and entertaining.

There’s a lot of name dropping, but it’s done in a completely inoffensive manner, if you can believe that.

I really love the book because its core theme is how to make a magazine great.

So while I’m attempting to convert this “blog” into a “zine,” I see myself going through some of the same kinds of things and asking some of the same questions Brown did!

What’s the right balance between “news” and “fluff?” Who really cares about “culture?” Who are you writing for? And what makes an image compelling?

The one big difference between Brown’s time and mine, is social media.

It really makes me wonder what she thinks she would have done differently had she had to contend with the online life of most readers today.

Experts have been standing at the grave site of the magazine industry for years now, but magazines, even print magazines, aren’t going anywhere.

They come, they go, they become more or less devoted to a niche, they change formats but they’re still here.

There’s something innately pleasurable about turning the pages, or scrolling around, a “glossy” array of pictures and text about a variety of different things, some you didn’t even think you cared about.

I have to ask though, is there a profile for the typical, female magazine consumer like me?

Sweater Weather 

This blue v-neck sweater, is from my favorite knits designer, M. Patmos. That ingenious ivory, at the neckline, makes the sweater, doesn’t it? It’s 100% cashmere, and I bet if you order it today, Marcia will get it to you by Christmas.

So ends my paltry but well-intentioned “gifting” list. But let me repeat, if you care about sustainability, buy less, buy higher quality, and buy real true things, made by people who care.



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