agelessness anyone?

the perfect sweater
extreme mixing

sweater season

The perfect sweater? You know it when you see it, and this one by M. Patmos is, for me, the one. My only continuing issue is the color.

I have become resigned to the fact that I am just too messy to wear anything even close to white. Lots of times I wish things that were white were, if not black, then a darker color. But this sweater would absolutely not be the same in a dark color. Agree? 

extreme mixing

Sometimes I mix prints well, but most of the time I don’t. I think it’s simply because I don’t wear prints very much at all, no practice.

When it’s done well, I like the look, and this I think is done well. Tell me what you think? The picture is from London Fashion Week, which, I believe by this time is over, on to Milan!


I read this quote by Zadie Smith and fell in love. It says so profoundly what I feel is often a neglected aspect of aging: we are not frozen in time. If we can’t exactly go forward, we can always go back.

We can go back to experiences that younger people cannot.

We can go back to what we have learned, and if we didn’t apply it back then, we can apply it today. We can go back to those lush moments of deep happiness, when time really did seem to stand still.

“But if by ‘agelessness,’ we are referring to those moments of grace when time swings and you escape the actual number on your passport, and find yourself transported backwards, then, yes, I know that feeling intimately, and it is one of the treasures of existence.”

—Zadie Smith



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  • Leslie says:

    Ok — but aside from tomato sauce what are you “too messy” with to wear white with??? (Was that even English???). That sweater does rock. SO>>>> extreme mixing. I think it has to be done by scale. I think that taller women than I can get away with a bit more mixing. I love the mixing but because I am of modest stature I think I have to Moderate My Mix.

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