what is ageing successfully?

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I love this look that Cyndy Lauper wore to the Grammys. As you know, I’m not a fan of pastels, but on Cyndy, this romantic themed pantsuit looked just right. And silly me, I thought Cyndy was British, but no, she was born in Astoria, Queens. 

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This black, velvet jumpsuit, by Jean Paul Gaultier, on Miley Cyrus made me so happy. It’s perfect in so many ways. First of all, it’s velvet! Secondly, the silhouette with the nipped in waist shows off her slim, youthful figure.

And third, the little “neck piece” is a caplet, and it’s just the kind of understated look that couture does.

The red dress, that floufy, fluffy, confection that Miley wore when she sang with Elton John, was also beautiful, and I loved the contrast between her red carpet and performance looks.

And no twerking! Miley grows up.

Question: do you think the two women here could exchange looks? 

Comment: don’t I just sound like Richard Blackwell?

Crocodile Cuff

This “alligator leather” cuff is from Ash and Ames, it’s a nicely done edgy look, so if you’re looking to  kick your style up a notch, this could do it. Jump on your motorcycle and go.

“Ageing Successfully”

Ashton Applewhite

Ashton Applewhite, the author of This Chair Rocks, wrote a great post on her blog about “ageing successfully” this week. It’s insightful, refreshing, and informative. Read! It’ll make you think hard.

“To age “successfully” is essentially to not age—to stop the clock—despite the fact that very few of us are going to drop dead without experiencing some kind of diminishment, whether physical, cognitive, or social.”

Snarky, Snarky

Commentary on the #metoo movement and sexual harassment continues. There was a rather snarky, but nevertheless funny “Shouts and Murmurs” piece in the February 5, New Yorker, “How To Dismiss Harassment Like A French Woman.” Here, an excerpt.

“Quality Counts”

“A French woman would never blame
a victim of sexual harassment for wearing a
low-cut blouse or a tight skirt. She 
would blame her for wearing a low-cut
blouse that is a poly-cotton blend.”

Riane Konc


“If at first you don’t fricassee, Fry, fry a hen!”

Carol Ryrie Brink




  • Delia says:

    I didn’t recognize Cyndy Lauper when I saw the photos day after the Grammy Awards. When I realized who she was I was thrilled to see her looking so good and chic. Loved the suit, hair, makeup and attitude. The woman still rocks.

  • Oooo I absolutely think Cyndy and Miley could swap looks, although Cyndy would undoubtedly add some wacky color and accessories.

  • Allie says:

    Great observation, I think these two could absolutely switch outfits and still look chic and aligned with their personalities.

    Also, that croc cuff!!

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