a pain in the neck

I have not had a pain in the neck, I’ve had a pain in the back: a big, huge, gripping, paralyzing, not responsive to medication, back pain! It’s just that “a pain in the back,” isn’t as good a title for a post, as “a pain in the neck.”

Approximately every six months, in the morning, I do something that causes this “freezing” up in my low back.

It is, if you will, a predisposition.

I’m predisposed to take the outside in, to bring in, or allow into my body, the stress and pain of the world.

In this, I’m not unusual, not at all. We all do it, especially women do it. But I’m quite happy to blame my pain on the idiocy of the male establishment, and I am on the mend.  

Next week I’ll bring you:

meaningless terms
difficult conversations
new yorkers in black
passive aggressive ways to piss the enemy off at the thanksgiving table

But for now…



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