a day of quotation marks


Ugh, I woke up with a cold nose. I woke up with a cold nose, and that is not a good sign given that I don’t live in a cabin in Vermont, that’s heated with a wood-burning stove. And I was sleeping under a down comforter with a man who radiates heat like a, well, radiator. 

Third world problems affecting my lifestyle again.

Irreverent humor helps when you haven’t showered in two days, still have an aching back, and, did I mention my cold nose? Husband heats water for a shave, joking about “going European,” while I attempt to make myself “presentable” for Starbucks, aka, my “office.” 

Obviously, this is going to be a day of quotation marks…


“Athleisure,” a term I don’t especially like, but a style I think I will be embracing more fully, soon. I’ve started working out again,

I mean really working out, not just five random yoga poses, in the living room, once in a while.

And because life is fast everyday, these days, I don’t have the time to change my clothes several times a day, most days of the week. Athleisure is becoming more and more sophisticated. This is not stretched out leggings and an ugly, sports bra.

There are nice options in styles, fabrics, and sizes, more coverage or less.

This cropped top is from a company called Live The Process, and I think it’s absolutely “wearable,” as they say. I think it would look great with jeans or a skirt, I wouldn’t feel at all under or overdressed uptown, or down, wearing it. 


I’ve never cared for “popovers.” I know it’s because I have a waist and this is a bit “maternity” for me. But I try to have an open mind and this cotton popover from Ayr, in dark blue or black, at $125 has made me reconsider.

Is there anything at all wrong with this shirt? 

Just Say No

Rarely, actually, but sometimes, I just have to say no. This bag would be one of those rare instances. I know some of you are going to disagree with me, but I find this bag from Henrik Vibskov, what’s the word? Ugly?

Quirky for the sake of quirky, is the lazy way out.

When a designer goes this way, I think it shows they gave up on their training and imagination. The colors here are “muddy” and the shape of the bag is both non-sensical and impractical.

What would you carry in this? Hotdogs? 

The bag also come in black and white, but that will not save it. What do you think? Do you ever see something someone is wearing and just say no, no?


I was expecting this, after Catherine Deneuve’s statement I was waiting for Bardot. No stranger to controversy, Brigitte Bardot speaks about the #metoo movement. She says the movement is “hypocritical and ridiculous,” and…

“Lots of actresses try to play the tease with producers to get a role.”

See what I wrote about Deneuve here



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  • Melanie says:

    “Athleisure” wear. It looks great. The bag? I like it, but since I’m not big on bags I’d probably only wear it once or so for the novelty impact. The zipper would be difficult to manipulate quickly on a curve. Hot dog carrier? Yes!! Or big bananas.

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