3 ideas about exercise that may be killing you


For most of my life, I’ve been a happy exerciser. I really like to exercise, and I like to teach others to exercise. I was at one time a personal trainer, then I became a yoga teacher. Today I am neither, and I reluctantly admit to having become a lazy exerciser, too!

Over the years though, I’ve acquired quite a lot of knowledge about various aspects of exercise. I’ve done all sorts of sports. I know about muscles, stretching, the mind-body connection, and on and on.

I know how people think about exercise, and how
their assumptions, fears, and self-esteem are hurting them.



As with a lot of things in life, assumptions can be deadly. These are the three harmful assumptions most people make about exercise. This is what stops people from exercising, or keeps them lazy. 


Exercise is a drag.


If you’re going to start here, you may as well give up. Apparently, you have a primitive notion about what it means to move your body through space. If you think exercise is a drag, you haven’t made friends with your body, nature, or being alive.


The next time you assume that exercising is going to be a drag,
remember the last time you saw a baby grab and suck on her big toe!


That’s fantastic, pure bliss, and that’s life at its exploratory and exuberant best. And it’s available to you. The next time you assume that exercising is a drag, think about your place in mother nature’s world. You are kind of telling her that you are not a part of her beautiful world, sitting there on your couch, with your chips. That’s a drag.


Exercise is a waste of time.


We all know that person who ran marathons and died of cancer, so, what’s the point? You have more important things to do. You need to live every moment like it was your last, because one more glass of wine with your friends is a unique experience, right?  


Exercise is an indulgence. 


Exercise isn’t for you, exercise is for the already beautiful people who don’t have to exercise; exercise is something almost pretentious. You think of exercise as something for the rich, the hipsters, the geeks, but not you. Those people can indulge, but not a real, hard-working “regular” person like you. I admit it: I’ve succumbed to these assumptions myself, and they are hurting me. Aging, I think, can do that.


Nevertheless, I know these assumptions are dumb!


Are you too busy to indulge in the drag that is exercise? I know I’ve got to step it up. I’m working out how right now. How about you?




  • This was a great post Anita! I am sharing it. As you know, I teach an outdoor bootcamp in NJ at the age of 61. You can go to the workout tired and depressed but you always go away happy and so glad that you bothered to show up. I love exercising as a group. We solve each other’s problems, share food tips, whatever. It is the best! I wished you lived closed by!

  • Carla says:

    No I unbelievably agree with all of these especially the indulgence one. I’m trying a blank in the moment but it reminds me of the quote which says, essentially,we have to make time for health or we make time for illness.
    For me moving my body isn’t an indulgence I almost feel it as an obligation to those who love me. Taking care of myself so I’m around longer for them and for myself 🙂

  • Hi Anita! I just re-started a yoga class for all the right reasons you mention and my goal is to get to the point where I can be like that baby!!!! Not even close yet but I’m an optimist. ~Kathy

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