we are asymmetrical


My last post was simply a picture of the right side of my face — or was it the left? I put it up because I promised to show the result of my brow tint. Why did I decide to show just one side of my face? Because of something known as “the beauty bias,” a fact of life that’s weird, wonderful, and kind of unfair.

You have probably heard of the beauty bias; but even if you haven’t, you have it and you deal with it, in one way or another, every single day. Simply put, human beings are attracted to beauty, and conversely, not attracted to the unattractive. Apparently even babies are more attracted to beautiful people than the not so beautiful. This is evolutionary psychology and it’s fascinating. If you want to read more about it, click here.

For now, let’s talk about asymmetry in general and the face more specifically…

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