women working, blue hair and tea

blue hair

This beautiful young woman was working at T2 Tea in Soho. That cool shade of blue hair against her lovely complexion looked vivid and deep.

I’m a coffee drinker and had never been in this store. In places like this, I always remind myself of the possible beneficial effects tea drinking could have on my usually hyper self. I like the ritual of tea that loyal tea drinkers talk about. Coffee is so much more of a grab and go to wake up affair. Tea drinkers seem to me to be more the sit, sip, and contemplate types. 

I loved the little tins of tea, the teacups, and the teapots at T2. The place itself is vivid, a pleasant environment in which to work, I’m sure. I need to drink more tea.





cultural appropriation, yes or no?


Perennial concerns about cultural appropriation seem to be heightened in today’s political climate. I often think we might be focused on the semantics too much and too little on the intentions or the artistic expression. If one takes some aspect of a culture that is not one’s own, simply to exploit by appropriating, that’s shameful. But…

Intelligent people have always appropriated.

It’s one aspect of what being “cultured” means. You’ve read a thing or two, you’ve traveled a bit, you’ve experienced some aspects of other people’s cultures and you want to keep re-experiencing them. Still, I cringe these days when I see yet another woman dressed in, say, “Frida Kahlo” fashion

Really, another flower crown, penciled on eyebrows, and Mexican “peasant” shirt?

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from Houston to Canal, destination, Reformation

alleyIf you walk from Houston, down Lafayette to Canal Street in Soho, you’ll pass by some six great coffee places, each more sleek and sexy than the next. Stop in any of them and you’ll see lots of young people, dressed in black and looking serious. I love them, they love good coffee in an esthetically pleasing space and so do I.

The architecture along the way is pure Soho: the old, good buildings, with big windows, high ceilings, fire escapes, and a sense of time in timelessness.  

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