you can’t judge a book…


You can’t judge a book by its cover? Oh yes, you can.


When you come into the store to shop and you’re wearing baggy misshapen jeans, old dirty sneakers, and a sweater that’s seen much better days, I’m going to make at least some assumptions about you.

Then, when you ask me for help finding something to purchase, and I show you 20 garments, 17 of which you refuse to try on, it becomes really difficult for me to help you, especially when you question the price of the 3 things you do try on.


I used to think that women in general were savvy shoppers.

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You can’t judge a book…

You can’t judge a book by its cover? Oh yes, you can. 

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women working, Bergdorf’s


This picture was taken by my photographer friend, Denton Taylor

Let me count the ways in which I love this picture: I love, of course, that this woman is working on that castle of luxury and lusciousness, Bergdorf’s. I love her rolled-up sleeves and pant legs, the plain brown work clothes, and the conspicuous cell phone in her back pocket that means business. I love seeing her wedged in behind that Verdigris lantern from another era.

Denton is just one of many people I have met who love and pursue some aspect of fashion here in New York. He’s friends with many of the Advanced Style ladies and he’s taken pictures of me before as well.

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women working, lingerie



You don’t have to look far to see a beautiful woman in New York. In fact, you barely have to look at all. 


I found this young woman working in a lingerie shop in my neighborhood. A lingerie shop in what is primarily a residential area? Yep. Lovely, really.

She has both the quintessential New Yorker and quintessential New York “shopgirl” look going on at the same time. If you’ve ever been to Bloomingdale’s in NYC, where black is literally the uniform, you know what I mean. Her hair is wonderfully done, her makeup and nails are perfect, the glasses and earrings are cool.

It’s her ease and confidence that stand out for me. Amidst hanging panties, bras, and other intimates, she looks thoroughly comfortable with herself…


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