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Behold The Bullet Proof Backpack

I love the possibilities that technology has opened up for design and fashion: solar-powered handbags, dresses that measure the pollution in the air, special garments for victims of trauma, yoga pants that help you with alignment, and airbags for cyclists fitted into neckwear.

Like it or not, increasingly the interface between humans and the environment is technology, and in the future, that interface might just save us in ways we can’t even imagine today.

But the “bullet proof backpack,” is not the kind of interface we should tolerate, it’s a deal with the Devil.  If we’re going to “arm” our kids with this kind of armour, let’s not be stingy, let’s just put them in bullet proof vests the kind the police wear.

What? That would traumatize them?

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never underestimate a snowflake

I’m A Snowflake

I’m a snowflake, I’m one of those people who are supposed to be fragile, so delicate that we are offended by the slightest criticism. It’s a funny notion, it rejects traits like sensitivity, empathy, and compassion. It assumes a lack of strength and resilience.

It is, of course, wrong. 

When they questioned the validity of sexual harassment claims, even though I could say #metoo, that was a long time ago, so although I was angry, I wasn’t that upset.

When they denigrated immigrants, even though I was once an immigrant, I was angry but I had been a citizen for a long time, and I wasn’t that upset.

Then they doubted the veracity of a woman who could prove she had been a victim of domestic violence. 

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discomfort and obscurity


“Out of discomfort comes greatness.”

-Cindy Gallop

Discomfort And Obscurity

Temple Grandin, who knew that an autistic woman, with a need to soothe herself and a love of animals, would receive a PhD, design a way to make slaughterhouses more humane, and go on to be played by actor Claire Danes in a widely acclaimed film?

Who knows, Cindy Gallop, ex advertising executive, recipient of the Advertising Woman of the Year award, TED “talker,” badass dynamo, who likes to “blow shit up,” and founder of “Make Love Not Porn.” 

The creator of the hashtag #resistancegenealogy, Jennifer Mendelsohn, you should know her, because she’s doing something brilliant, in her kitchen, all by herself.

Mendelsohn, a free-lance writer, who loves to dig around in old documents for the trails that lead to a person’s genealogy, is gently but persistently letting well-known members of the anti-immigrant movement know where they come from. In short, from immigrants!

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what is ageing successfully?

Girls Wanna

Getty Images

I love this look that Cyndy Lauper wore to the Grammys. As you know, I’m not a fan of pastels, but on Cyndy, this romantic themed pantsuit looked just right. And silly me, I thought Cyndy was British, but no, she was born in Astoria, Queens. 

Getty Images

This black, velvet jumpsuit, by Jean Paul Gaultier, on Miley Cyrus made me so happy. It’s perfect in so many ways. First of all, it’s velvet! Secondly, the silhouette with the nipped in waist shows off her slim, youthful figure.

And third, the little “neck piece” is a caplet, and it’s just the kind of understated look that couture does.

The red dress, that floufy, fluffy, confection that Miley wore when she sang with Elton John, was also beautiful, and I loved the contrast between her red carpet and performance looks.

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