good question

good question
more polyester?

What Is Polyester? A Closer Look into this “Love it or Hate it” Fabric

One of the most gratifying things there is for a blogger is to get a question from a reader. It’s even better when it’s a good question that you think you can answer. You get to show off your “expertise,” or at least your research skills, or dedication to your readers… You get to flaunt your “chops.”

When I got this question from a reader, after I posted this, I felt like I had earned something.

“Hi, I am no authority, but I thought cotton was a huge polluter too. Where do we go for data-driven information on this topic?”

Nice one, huh? Short and to the point, just the way I like them. Easy peasy, right? No!

If I’ve learned anything during these past 5 years delving into the slow fashion movement, it’s that nothing about it is easy.  

Lest this demoralize you, I think I have one grain of wisdom to pass along when it comes to better participating in what is now, actually becoming a real movement. So here it is.

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I took this picture in my “hood,” on the Upper West Side. While I like it like it is, this was one time I regretted not talking to the woman and getting her whole look. She had the most wonderful black, oversized sunglasses on, and, she had the most beautiful face! And obviously, the animal prints are still ruling here in the city.


Love this polyester dress from Roucha. Wait, what did I just say? Yes, I love the dress, but it’s polyester, one of the most polluting fabrics to manufacture out there!

This is no longer a dilemma for me, I just couldn’t make myself buy this garment, it’s a conscious choice.

I am not holier than thou though, while I may not buy polyester, I do still buy some few things made with man-made fibers. Socks and underwear, for example, are most often the places you’ll find me breaking my own “rules.” And it’s hard to get away from elastane when Continue Reading


the color against which the stars shine at night

black is
just one dress
earring of the day

The Cut

What’s with the black? That’s the question I’ve heard over and over again in regard to the penchant New Yorkers have for dressing in black. Black is the color against which the stars shine at night! I love—no, adore—black clothes. Here’s why.

Black makes dressing easier.

I love to dress, but I don’t like impatiently sliding hangers back and forth in my closet, trying to hit upon the right combination of print-color-style etc. If you wear mostly black, then when you reach into your closet, what you are pulling out is a base; and that’s what I like.

Black serves as a background for other pieces of clothing and accessories, the “stars” of your style.

Black pants, black blouse, red cardigan and your done. Continue Reading


a pain in the neck

I have not had a pain in the neck, I’ve had a pain in the back: a big, huge, gripping, paralyzing, not responsive to medication, back pain! It’s just that “a pain in the back,” isn’t as good a title for a post, as “a pain in the neck.”

Approximately every six months, in the morning, I do something that causes this “freezing” up in my low back. Continue Reading