the color against which the stars shine at night

black is
just one dress
earring of the day

The Cut

What’s with the black? That’s the question I’ve heard over and over again in regard to the penchant New Yorkers have for dressing in black. Black is the color against which the stars shine at night! I love—no, adore—black clothes. Here’s why.

Black makes dressing easier.

I love to dress, but I don’t like impatiently sliding hangers back and forth in my closet, trying to hit upon the right combination of print-color-style etc. If you wear mostly black, then when you reach into your closet, what you are pulling out is a base; and that’s what I like.

Black serves as a background for other pieces of clothing and accessories, the “stars” of your style.

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a pain in the neck

I have not had a pain in the neck, I’ve had a pain in the back: a big, huge, gripping, paralyzing, not responsive to medication, back pain! It’s just that “a pain in the back,” isn’t as good a title for a post, as “a pain in the neck.”

Approximately every six months, in the morning, I do something that causes this “freezing” up in my low back. Continue Reading


inappropriate predispositions?

inappropriate predispositions
that sweater

Photo: Bobby Clennell

inappropriate predispositions

Talking about opening the chest, this is what the finished product can look like. This is Carrie Owerko, a senior Iyengar yoga teacher based in New York. Before you go and throw yourself back over a park bench, let me tell you why you don’t actually need to.

We are all predisposed to different kinds of exercise.

In the last couple of days, while talking about self-care, I’ve realized again how important it is to stay true to yourself and your own predispositions. Those predisposed to outright laziness and self-neglect, that’s another thing, but if you aspire to take better and better care of yourself, you have to do it your way.

I love yoga just about more than anything, really.

I believe that yoga is the best exercise, for most people, most of the time.

But I would never tell anyone to do yoga, Continue Reading


start slow, or hit the ground running?


There are two schools of thought when it comes to how you should go about organizing your morning in order to optimize both self-care and productivity for the day.

How to get started.

One of course is to start slow and gently: get up, wrap up in something nice and soothing, get the mug of coffee or cup of tea, sit still, without media, maybe meditate, and only after these things are taken care of make a list of things “to do.”

The other way is to change location in order to kick-start your system and get the mind into a place for creativity.

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