wanted: millennial

regretI’m looking for a millennial to be my business partner. It’s been over a year since I started blogging. Even in the very beginning, I was pretty sure that I would eventually want a partner, or at the least someone to collaborate closely with. At the time I was quite certain that that person would have to be a fifty-plus boomer like me. I was wrong. Here’s why.

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women working


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ethnic beauty, sisterhood of similar looks

IMG_5468What do people mean when they say “she looks ethnic?” What is ethnic beauty? Lately, when talking about looks, “ethnic” seems to be the code word for African American or Latino, but lots of us are white and ethnic. For example, my Latvian sisters and I. We don’t hide from the term “ethnic”. To us, mostly what it means is, we are not WASPs.

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Saramai, #mywrinklesaremystripes

Sarah1I wrote a little about Sarah Jane Adams here. Quite simply said, Sarah is a beauty. But as we know, there are lots of beauties around, the question is what makes an older woman not just physically beautiful, but beautiful throughout—body and soul?

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