Kal Rieman, made in New York for real women


Cally Rieman (pronounced rye-min) is the woman behind Kal Rieman. She admits to girl crushes and so do I, and I think I have a crush on her. I pride myself on my instinct for finding people, especially women, who are “the real deal.” Cally is— intelligent, hard-working, approachable, with discerning taste. 

Kal Rieman is all about “effortless dressing for women.” A lot of designers claim this for their clothes, but together with Assistant Designer, Koby Brown, Cally follows through—with great pieces that flow together without becoming boring or simply repetitive. You could easily build a great capsule wardrobe from her collections.

The effortless dressing that her designs are about are a result of her admiration for “the strength and simplicity of menswear.” Over and over, I’ve heard women say that men have it easy when it comes to fashion. Men’s apparel has traditionally been designed to be put on and worn by a person who actually does things all day long. Today, that describes all the women I know.


“I design clothing for women that embodies the grace
and ease that makes menswear so powerful.”


LFTW-2016-Jan 77

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women working, old salt


To make a long story short, my husband fell, on wet marble stairs, carrying garbage. He cut his hand on a bottle that broke when he fell, he got four stitches and is doing fine. This was the evening after the blizzard and apparently there had been a lot of falls.

This is the ER nurse who greeted us upon arrival. Her never-ending monologue with everyone around her was the talk of an old salt, someone who has been there and done that. She may be waiting to retire but she loves her work. You know the type.

She didn’t know when she would be getting home because the public transportation situation was still bad. This is the kind of woman who makes you feel secure when you’re feeling vulnerable. I know you know what I’m talking about.


less is more or more is more?


Coco Chanel said take one thing off, Iris Apfel said put one more thing on. I say, it depends! 


I say you have to know who you are, what you’re wearing, and what you want to say. You could go out with a dress, shoes, a bag, and absolutely nothing else, maybe just a wedding ring. Although I’ve seen some women come close to that, the look is very rare, and I think we can agree, probably boring.

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women working


This woman drummer had her eyes closed most of the time. She was sitting opposite a young man who was also drumming. He seemed to be the “lead,” the one with the fancy moves and more experience. It was possible they were a couple, maybe not. 

I liked the woman’s power and concentration. She looks strong and in control, and her posture is good. Drummers often have good posture. It’s a matter of discipline, reach, and endurance, I think.