2017, the year of tipping points

The Versace Spring 2018 finale. Photo: Imaxtree


This comes from my inbox, an article from Fashionista


While there will be plenty of reasons to say good riddance to 2017, in one way, it’s been the year many of us have been waiting for.  

“The Fashion Spot reports that for the Fall 2017 season, 21 models older than 50 walked in women’s shows in New York, London, Paris and Milan. That is a small number proportionately, but it’s one that has been climbing steadily since over the last four seasons, the site says, up from just 5 during Spring 2016 shows.”

I’ve been thinking about tipping points a lot lately, that’s because 2017 has been a great year for tipping points.

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she’s still got it…

This is a reworked post, originally written in September. Please enjoy!


I can’t think of a better way to use spent bombs than to make jewelry! And that’s what the people at Article 22 do. I first discovered them at a pop-up, where I fell in love with these incredibly light, silvery bangles.

They make the most beautiful tinkling sound. And that’s your gift of the day. Please take a look at this video to learn more about Article 22.

Naina Redhu

She’s Still Got It

Maye Must is one spectacular woman! So I was really pissed off when someone wrote, “she’s still got it.” 

Excuse me, but WTF? She’s still got it?

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i’m only bleeding

I’m Only Bleeding

“It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding),” is the title of a Bob Dylan song and referenced in one of the controversial paintings by the Swedish artist, Liv Strömquist. Paintings like the one above, that recently  showed up in the Stockholm subway. And no, the work has not been defaced, those red spots are part of the painting.

The artwork, it seems, was meant to stimulate discussion about and destigmatize, menstruation.

Well a kind of discussion was had, and, predictably, lots of the reactions were extreme. They ranged from the simple, “disgusting,” to “Can’t wait for the day when women no longer pass tampons to a friend like they’re a Class A drug.” And this one:

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mannequins and self-portraits, seeing me


If we think of mannequins at all, we think of the ubiquitous figures we see standing in store windows everywhere. But the development and history of mannequins is fascinating. The term mannequin is from a French word, coming from the Flemish word meaning “little man.”

The very first mannequins were dressed up dolls. But the mannequins we see today have been derived from the dress forms tailors use. Mannequins have been made of everything from wax (not a good idea) and paper mache, to fiberglass.

In the past, mannequins were also called “dummys.”

At times, mannequins have been considered “naughty,” especially while being “dressed” by merchandisers in shop windows. Mannequins have changed with the times, mirroring what’s going on in society in general.

And while mannequins have always been idealized versions of the female form, they have never been real.

Diversity In Fashion

I’ve been talking about the need for diversity in fashion for a long time, it was one of the reasons I started blogging. At first, my particular concern was diversity of age. Not surprisingly, my interest soon came to embrace other marginalized groups.

One group of women especially, had long been ignored by the fashion industry.

Women who had come to be called “plus-size,” had always been relegated to the back pages of fashion.

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