diversity in fashion

Diversity in Fashion

After taking two trains, trekking through a neighborhood that would have scared a wimpy woman, and waiting for an hour and a half, I was sitting at the Brooklyn Fashion Week fashion show. Here are some observations I made about that event. 

Diversity is happening.

In case you haven’t noticed, (where have you been?) it’s official, fashion has finally come to include people once marginalized, it now more closely mirrors the society we live in. Whether or not you like the results, it’s a good thing for all of us. 

Fashion shows really do never start on time.

Well some do, the ones at fashion week maybe, where the venue is scheduled with designer following designer and there’s no margin for delays. But otherwise, bring water, or a flask, and be prepared to people watch. 

Women of color know how to walk with pride.

I know I’m making a generalization, but it’s my observation that women of color know how to walk with pride. Seeing woman after woman, come walking down the runway, this show was a powerful reminder of that. I seldom see white women walk with the kind of grounded, self-assurance that women of color can pull off. 

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celebrating Des Linden


To battle horrific conditions and make history:  conquer

This year Des Linden was the winner of the Boston Marathon, the first female, American winner in 33 years!

Since I posted a picture of last year’s female winner of the New York Marathon, Shalane Flanagan, I’m making marathon winner posts a thing.

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“pretty privilege”


 Men And Aging

This is a great little comment, from my friend Eileen, to yesterday’s post about Isabella Rossellini and “the revolution.” Eileen and a friend were pondering… 

“We were wondering why men aged better than women? I just figured it out when I opened your blog.

It’s because we think they do.

We accept their aging, we admire their physical change. Women haven’t been given the nod to embrace their transformation.”

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“my god, this is a revolution!”

Photograph via The Cut

The Revolution

On being taken back by Lancome after once being fired by them…

“I thought, ‘My God, this is a revolution!’ Before I used to deal with 60-year-old men who were paternalistic and condescending.”

—Isabella Rossellini

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