I have regrets


I love doing what I’m currently doing: I love blogging! Years ago when I was teaching yoga, if someone had told me I would one day become a blogger, I would never have believed it. Before that, of course, blogging didn’t even exist—but still, I wish I would have discovered it sooner! At the time, I loved teaching yoga. Then we moved (regret). Then the plan to open my own studio didn’t happen (regret). Then I gave up teaching (regret). 

I probably have too many regrets, and I’m not advocating you go out and accumulate some for yourself. But I don’t mind saying that I have them. I admit, some regrets I could do without, and I have learned to largely put those to rest. On the whole however, I feel like I have regrets because I did things, I took chances.   

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my first photo shoot


No, I’m not in this picture, I just like it. The pictures from my first photo shoot are coming. This is what the experience was like.


It’s six o’clock on a very chilly Sunday evening. It’s the time of day and day of the week that I want to fold my wings and be in my nest. Instead, I’m out on the street, modeling a short, bare-shouldered velvet dress. The velvet helps cut the cold wind, a bit. 

I’m changing shoes and jackets, necklaces, hats and scarves, out in the open, amongst my fellow New Yorkers. Because they’re New Yorkers, they don’t give a damn, and I like it that way. I could be walking around naked. New Yorkers are so used to seeing celebrities, actors, and real super models, that they no longer bat an eyelash. There is one startling thing about this very unusual position I’m in: I’m loving it.

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Boom by Cindy Joseph: pro-age cosmetics



It’s about women.
It’s about beauty.
It’s about time.

That’s what the little pamphlet says, the one that comes with products from this self-proclaimed “pro-age” cosmetics company whose products were developed by older-model pioneer, Cindy Joseph. I like that slogan, and I like “pro-age”. 

I recently contacted Boom! asking if they sold sample sizes of their “Boomsticks”. I was curious and thought I might be able to write a blog post about their products. They wrote right back, telling me they were going to send me the Boomsticks and that they would be happy for me to write a review for my blog. They wound up sending me five different products…

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