“you look like a mermaid”

My friend Katherine was on her annual Cape May family vacation. Everyone had already left the house for the beach, but Katherine was standing in front of the mirror crying. There was no way she was going out there in a bathing suit, not even shorts and a t-shirt would do.


She just couldn’t take the body she saw in the mirror to the beach.


Kate is tall, blonde, slim, and graceful. Her hair flows down to her bum. She channels other eras. She adores the fashion and rock icon, Anita Pallenberg. (She is also one of the most romantic and kind people I have ever met.) 

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New York City blues and greys

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It’s been grey in New York lately. I’ve been grey, or maybe it was grey blue? We so highly value constant “positivity” these days, it’s become almost a sin to say you’re a bit blue, melancholy. Moody, grey blue, I like it. 

I like the grey, the grey rainy days of early Spring are not all bad. They’re a good time to stay indoors and “go in,” as a beloved yoga teacher used to say, at the beginning of each class. We can’t live outdoors, or outside of ourselves all the time. 

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women working


The way she said, “chocolate mousse and passion fruit,”


…when my husband asked what was in the pastry — we had to buy it. It tasted the way she made it sound.


women working


There’s a new meditation studio in town: MNDFL’s beautiful, new “Space to Breathe.” In the New York University area, approximately one block from Washington Square Park, MNDFL’s vibe is young, affluent, first-world meets ancient, spiritual tradition from third-world (or perhaps other worlds). 

This is Adreanna, the teacher I had on one of my visits. Not all practicers of meditation and yoga are as peace-ful, glowing, and healthy as she, but in my experience, guess what? Most are. Adreanna lead a simple, honest class, reminding us that the most important thing is that we’re all there together for one thing: meditation.

There are almost 30 teachers at MNDFL, all from different lineages. The ones I’ve taken classes with have all been great. The studio even has a little “bookstore” where you can buy books on meditation that are suggestions of the individual teachers.

If you’re ever visiting NYC, I suggest you drop in for a class at MNDFL—especially if meditation scares you. Take your shoes off, get some tea, and leave your cell phone in the box at the door.