women working


I love the NYCT on this woman’s collar. I love her glasses and her glove that’s reminiscent of Michael Jackson. And I love her belt buckle showing at the bottom of the window. Perhaps because of her hairstyle, this picture has an old fashioned feel to it. Looking at it, I imagine the graffiti-covered subway cars that lots of real New Yorkers miss. Anthony Bourdain, are you hearing me?

I don’t know exactly what her job title is, but I’m thinking it must be something like “door closer.” After I took this picture, I started wondering about this woman and her relationship to her job. Does she like it? Is it a really horrible job, what with the dirt, noise, and potential for accidents and danger? Does the job pay well? How long does the training take? Is it a good job to have within the MTA system? What’s next for this woman? Is there a natural progression from “door closer” to… what? 

There are all kinds of people doing jobs that we never think about, until we do. They’re kind of invisible. You pass by some city site someday, or you think of a very mundane occurrence in city life and ask yourself, “Who makes that happen?” It’s the people behind the scenes that fascinate me. Anthony Bourdain (did I mention he’s one of my favorite New Yorkers?) sometimes turns the camera back on his crew. It’s always a pleasant surprise, and you realize that those behind the scenes are actually the ones who run things. 



Sisyphus and Paris


When you can’t write, what do you do? When you’re kind of unhappy, but your unhappiness is small compared to the absolute misery of others, what do you do?

Grab a magazine and scissors, start cutting. Appropriate that—cutting. It’s a flashy, dream machine magazine, but you can cut it. Cry. Destroy. Create.

You cut snitches and snatches of pretty things and make them into other pretty things. The finished product is disjointed; but you made something. 

Do anything to keep going, to push back. Maybe you’re doing it just for yourself. Maybe you’re doing it for others, a kind of gesture? But how can that be? It’s just a splash on your bedroom door.

Create something. I imagine women all over the place making things: baking, knitting, painting, and planting. We are pushing back. Pushing that black boulder uphill. Sisyphus was a women. So much to do. 


women working


I’m fascinated by the tools, machines, and accoutrements used by people who work with their hands. I love the sewing machines, tailor’s boards, bobbins and bits in tailor’s shops. The knives and wooden spoons, pots and graters, new and old appliances in a well-appointed kitchen are fascinating. Jeweler’s hammers, files, and casting tools are beautiful. Almost any artist’s studio, full of the stuff and smells of their art, is magical. I just happened to see this Sephora employee using her hand as a palette for lipstick. The colors are as intense as the oil paints my mother used. That’s what I’ll always love about fashion, makeup, styling; it’s all beauty.


La fille Colette, the compliment

 red dress

As promised in my post here, I recently ventured out again to take pictures of this more autumnal La fille Colette dress. It’s called the Victoria dress, and it’s sexy! And I think you’ll agree that it can look sexy on a woman of any age. 

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